Dirty girls and escorts

The term working girl works differently for women sex workers. Most often they get such respect of being called as a working woman. They are the people on the streets and people call them dirty girls or escorts who sell sex to the man. Their life is full of risks and low prices. Mostly of the call girls are associated with agencies where they do the incalls, pre-book sessions, advertise her services, collect the money and send the client away or they run everything by hot girlthemselves.

The men are paying for the service they are getting and in that sense it is a legitimate profession, a service and a career. But, why the word abuse is coming with it. There have been many stories that reflect the sufferings of these poor escorts. It takes a lot of courage to choose this profession and sometimes this courage takes a high toll from them. It is indeed a highly paid lucrative job offer that attracts mostly the young underprivileged women. It makes them empowered and at the same time it makes their moral weak. They face the society every day from a different point of view and sometimes they have to care how people are judging them. It is the long prevailing inner complex that leads a many suicidal case for sex workers.

Why do the escorts sell their body to the men? And, why do men pay for it? The answers were revealed from the perspective of these so called dirty girls. The boredom, sensation, whims and enjoyment- whatever you call it, these are all the related reasons a man can give for choosing an escort service. But, the prostitutes are indifferent to the reason. All the clients and their desires are same for them as

long as they are paying them well. The speed force for them is of course  THE MONEY. Almost every woman in this profession loves the job and consider it a dream one. It is important for them to be positive about it. But, these dirty girls have a life too. They always fear the threats of the stalkers who will tell her kids about her profession and expose her. Somehow they manage all the drawbacks and stays. The last thing they want from the societies is to get freed from the shackles of surrounded prejudice and lead their profession good and well.

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